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No former classmates from STORO but the four elements that chance did collide. Pawel (vocals, guitar) front-man delivers incredible energy and takes everything in its path, it is fire. Manu (drums), the master of time and groove, it has the power and control, it is a rock, earth. Isolde (bass), half angel, half devil sends infrabasses, beware of still water. David (guitar), suggest to your ears its fine ethereal melodies. Storo is a genuine live act, and takes its inspiration from the history of rock, electro, turned to a sound trend, fresh but terribly powerful. After about thirty dates, two life show in Poland and a new EP, are you prepared to live STORO concert experience?


01 rue des marelles
21250 Corberon

Freephone:         +0033680028365
Telephone:         +0033636832793
FAX:                  +0033636832793

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