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Urban Rock Style

Formed in 2012, STORO now turns to an Urban Rock Style with their latest collaboration with director Matthieu TOSI (Warner Music Group). Led by their 2m02 charismatic singer, Pawel, born with a basketball in one hand and an electric guitar in the other, STORO delivers a communicative music and full of energy to Electro Rock Sounds.

English texts contain Pawel's values wore throughout his professional basketball career. Namely surpassing oneself, team spirit, sharing, mutual aid.... The Franco-Polish surrounded himself with a team as effective as additional musicians. After more that twenty live concerts, and 2 live TV shows, they just completed their 5-track EP resolutely turned towards a sound trend, fresh, but extremely powerful !! Powerful riffs with catchy melodies to a decidedly Rock Music! A band with an atypical singer and built for live!!